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TWX-42 "RAIG" Reduction Assisted Immersion Gold is a proven "next gen" process for achieving heavier gold deposits on ENIG, ENEPIG, EPIG and EPAG without corrosion. Displacement initially occurs on the nickel surface; an autocatalytic reaction prevents nickel corrosion. Altarea TPD 23 Electroless pure palladium process for surface mount applications is ideally suited to fine patterns and HF applications. The process is autocatalytic, and provides excellent wire bonding for PCBs and IC packages when top-coated with RAIG or immersion gold. TCU-38/41 "DIG" UIC Direct Immersion Gold meets the highest standards for high frequency applications and fine pattern capability. Ductile deposits are compatible with flex PWB applications. Talon 3 Electroless palladium phos plates directly onto electroless nickel, copper, and zincated aluminum and is the foundation for ENEPIG, EPIG and EPAG final finish layer deposits when top coated with immersion or RAIG gold. Deposition rate and deposit quality are consistent throughout the life of the bath. Corporate Headquarters: 3990 Concourse, #425 • Ontario, CA 91764 • ph: (909) 466-5635 Tech Center: 240 Town Line Road • Southington, CT 06489 • Ph: (860) 793-4011 Global Leader in Final Finish Technology www.uyemura.com Etchbond CZ 8201 and Organic Filmbond CZ 8201 organic micro-etchant optimizes copper bonding to resins – specifically low-loss resins – or soldermask. The surface topography is unique, and cannot be duplicated by conventional chemical etchants. Organic Filmbond provides etch-free inner layer bonding and high adhesion performance for HF applications, including those involving low-loss dielectric resins. Its surface profile is identical to plated copper.

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