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determining phosphorus content in en plating using xrf spectroscopy continues 4.4 Phosphorus Only Analysis The phosphorus content can be determined independent of the coating thickness if the thickness is greater than 3 μm (Table 3). Only the soft 10 kV excitation is used and the measuring time is half of that of the complete analysis. 5. Summary New developments in XRF hardware and software technology have made it possible to simultaneously measure the percent of phosphorous and NiP coating thickness in air. Being able to measure the phosphorous content directly now allows determination of the percent of phosphorous in electroless Ni-plantings on substrates in addition to iron, such as, Al or even non metallic substrates. Instruments with SDDs can measure the P-K radiation quite well using soft primary excitation (10 kV, non-filtered). Coating thickness is determined using harder excitation (30 keV or 50 kV). The information depth for phosphorus is relatively low (<1 μm) due to the low energy of P-K fluorescence. Conventional indirect determination of phosphorus can still be regarded as a relatively robust method with proportional counter tube instruments – the only option with these instruments. The use of appropriate reference standards is highly recommended. PCB References 1. N. Kanani: Chemische Vernicklung, Leuze Verlag, 2007. 2. V. Rößiger, B. Nensel, in: Handbook of practical XRFA, Springer 2006, S. 554. 3. V. Rößiger, G. Conrad, Metalloberfläche München 43 (1989) 12, 569. video interview ENIG Leader Uyemura Expands into New Markets by Real Time with...productronica 2013 Uyemura Director of Operations Donald Walsh discusses Uyemura's unique copper and finishing processes, as well as the recent expansion from a dedicated focus on bare boards to providing conformal coatings to the assembly sector as well. Click realtimewith.com To View 48 The PCB Magazine • January 2014

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