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40 The PCB Design Magazine • February 2014 PCB007 News Highlights Innovative Circuits Doubles Capacity with Drill Acquisitions "These new drills allow us to use all of our drills more efficiently," says Russell nolan, manager of drill and route operations. "This acquisition speeds up our operations tremendously and increases our ability to meet our customers' quick-turn demands." Murrietta Circuits Achieves ISo-13485 Certification Albert Murrietta, COO and co-owner, announces that his company has achieved full iSO-13485 reg- istration for the medical marketplace. Murrietta is now one of the few companies in the nation that can offer a true full turnkey solution, from design through final assembly, with complete medical iSO registration. MFLEX Doubles Sales to New Customers Reza Meshgin, CeO, commented, "net sales to our newer customers more than doubled sequen- tially, and are expected to represent approximately 23% of total net sales. looking ahead to the fiscal second quarter, we expect a significant sequential decline in net sales that we anticipate could ap- proach 40%." AT&S Named zTE's Best Quality Performance Supplier On December 12, 2013 zTe held an awards cer- emony for excellent Suppliers. in addition to win- ning the "excellent Delivery" Award in 2012, AT&S was awarded the "zTe Annual Best Quality Performance Award 2013" as core supplier. Impact of Inexpensive Flex PCBs on Cell Phone Production using flex circuits as the interconnect choice in the assembly of cell phones will bring huge benefits. These boards have low mass and cause cell phones to be much lighter. They are capable of housing small conductors with high wiring density, taking up less space. Being lighter and smaller will result in an end-product that is more versatile. IPC: PCB Sales Improving Despite Weaker orders "While sales continued to strengthen in the north American PCB industry compared to last year, or- ders declined," said Sharon Starr, iPC's director of market research. "This disparity between sales and order growth pushed the book-to-bill ratio to its lowest point since March 2009," she added, "indi- cating a slow and possibly bumpy recovery going into 2014." Spirit Circuits Acquires Lyncolec After six months of negotiation, innovative PCB manufacturer Spirit Circuits is pleased to an- nounce the acquisition of Poole, uK-based PCB manufacturer lyncolec. The company is well- known for supplying rigid, flex, and hybrid mul- tilayer PCBs. IPC Redefines Microvias, Again in 2013, iPC changed its definition of a microvia. Before then, a microvia was defined as any printed board with holes that have a diameter of equal to or less than 0.15 mm [0.006 in]. Over time, that size became common, while more challenging ge- ometries emerged to alter the definition of micro- via structures. IPC's 2013: A year in Review Within the printed board fabrication arena, iPC released updates to two of its most popular flex- ible circuit standards: iPC-6013C, Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible Printed Boards, and iPC-4203A, Cover Bonding Material for Flexible Printed Circuitry. PCB Solutions Doubled PCB Engineering Projects in 2013 PCB Solutions is pleased to announce yet another year of excellent growth in one of its core services: engineering design and PCB layout. The company developed engineering services most of the 2013 year and made great strides in growing its engi- neering division. 40 The PCB Design Magazine • February 2014

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