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102 SMT Magazine • March 2014 IPc-9850 and IPc-9850a: the Differences IPC-9850 speeds are measured by placing a simple matrix of components (for example 80 SOIC-16s or 400 identical 0603 capacitors) on a 200x200 mm substrate. However, the stan- dard says nothing about the electrical value of these 400 capacitors, for example. That allows sequential placement machines to use gang pick (simultaneous pick by multiple place- ment heads) using an optimized placement path. Gang pick, however, artificially inflates the performance figure since it can virtually never be used in an actual customer applica- tion. You just don't get many circuits incorpo- rating hundreds of identical 27-nF capacitors on a board in a small matrix in a 200x200 mm area. IPC-9850A is simplified. It uses a new board layout, and it requires two different parts (previ- ously only one) and five unique code numbers SMT TrenDS & TeChnologieS figure 1: number and quantity of unique components placed on IPc-9850a substrate (source ipC-9850a). figure 2: Distribution of components on the IPc-9850a substrate. WhaT IS YOUr rEaL OUTPUT? continues

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