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52 SMT Magazine • March 2014 with OnFILTER's APN515LG filter under the same noise on power lines as in Figure 4. As seen, the current from the tip becomes negligi- bly low. This requires specially-designed filter op- timized for soldering process properties. Some soldering irons that include a "generic" type of filter can actually add noise 7 . This paper 9 pro- vides explanation of this phenomenon. conclusion High-frequency signals on power lines and ground can drive high currents into sensitive devices during soldering, resulting in electrical overstress and device damage. Proper analysis of the soldering environment, as well as any environment where conductive objects come EOS EXPOSUrE OF cOmPONENTS IN SOLDErING PrOcESS continues feaTure Figure 7: Soldering iron with power line eMi filter (onFilTer model apn515lg). Figure 8: Soldering tip current after power line eMi filter (onFilTer model apn515lg).

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