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June 2014 • The PCB Magazine 73 todd Kolmodin is the vice president of quality for gardien services usa, and an expert in electrical test and reliability issues. to contact Kolmodin, or to read past columns, click here. FLyINg PRoBE: INDIRECT TESTINg VS. MILITARy continues 9252A amendment 1 as a test guideline there are limitations in each specification. With MIL- PRF-31032 only the build requirement sheets /1 through /5 allow the use of indirect testing. The /6 build requirement sheet does not (Table 1 and 2). Additionally, the MIL-PRF-55110 specifi- cation does not allow indirect testing at all. Full continuity and indirect (or sometimes called field measurement) does not satisfy the MIL re- quirement when indirect testing is not allowed. Conclusion Always review the fabrication and/or pro- curement document to ascertain what speci- fication the product is being manufactured/ tested to. This will always override the industry specification. Be careful with military product as it cannot be assumed that it can be processed on flying probe equipment using indirect test- ing. Further, when indirect testing can be used on Class 3 (C), Class 3/A, and military product, such use of indirect testing and adjacency must be agreed upon between the manufacturer and end user. In these instances the allowance of indirect tes ting must be AABUS, as noted in IPC9252A amendment 1. This means that it must be stip- ulated up front via the PO or procurement doc- ument. Although the military specifications noted allow this, it is not inferred or allowed without the written consent of the manufac- turer requiring such test. It shall be the direc- tive of the individual test center via its duly appointed director or sales representative to solicit this information. PCB What's New in Flex in this panel discussion filmed live at aPex, moderator joe Fjelstad explores new trends in flex with al wasserzug (cirexx) and michael jawitz (Boeing). Sponsored by: The PCB List CliCk To View I-COnnECT007 PAnEL DISCuSSIOn...IPC APEX EXPO 2014

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