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July 2014 • SMT Magazine 65 prime contractor cannot bear all responsibility for preventing the introduction of counterfeit parts. By flowing down the prohibitions against counterfeit and suspect counterfeit electronic items and the re- quirements for systems to detect such parts to all subcontractors that provide electronic parts or as- semblies containing electronic parts (without regard to CAS-coverage of the subcontractor), there will be checks instituted at multiple levels within the sup- ply chain, reducing the opportunities for counterfeit parts to slip through into end items." What does this mean for businesses that supply components to prime defense contrac- tors and other CAS-covered firms? Ultimately, as requirements are flowed down from larger firms who wish to reduce their own liability, smaller firms will be required to adapt KRAMER on CoMPonEnTS DFARS FloW DoWNS AND TRuSTED SuPPlIERS continues figure 3: Authenticating purchased product flow down.

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