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November 2014 • SMT Magazine 43 patterns. Both of these methods are employed when the physical dimensions or mounting hole patterns need to be changed on a PCB. conclusion There are a variety of PCB fixes which may need be made to the physical PCB due to errors in the board layout, part changes or PCB board fab errors. There are a variety of options avail- able, including but not limited to board respins, scrapping of the boards, and reworking the boards, whether they are already populated or not. The most common fixes to these errors in- clude cutting of the conductors, selective solder mask removal, addition of traces and pads or mechanical routing or drilling of holes. A vari- ety of proven industry methods, depending on the type of fix required, are available to make these adjustments. smt references 1. IPC-7711/7721 "Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies," Revision B. 2. "Lead-Free PTH Rework Process Challeng- es and Solutions for a Complex Server PCBA," Willie Davis, PK Pu, Wang Yong Kang, Alex Chen, Da, SMTAI July 2010. 3. "Laser – A flexible tool for PCB and device rework," Wettermann, Robert. SMTAI August 2008. 4. "PCB Pad Site Dress Methods on BGA and Socket Pad Arrays," James Wade and Raiyo Aspandiar; Don Naugler and Terry Leahy, IPC APEX EXPO 2010. Bob Wettermann is the quality manager of beST inc. and an MiT. he is the author of numer- ous articles and has presented at a variety of SMTa, aSQC, ipC and other international confer- ences on the topic of PCB rework, repair and assembly. CliCk To View Video Interview Tim Jensen, senior product manager with indium, discusses some of the newer lead-free solder alternatives that are suitable for high-temperature (and low-temperature) applications. alternative methodologies for High-temp bonds by Real Time with... SMTAI 2014 feaTure bare boarD ecos, ecns anD Design moDiFications continues

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