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February 2015 • The PCB Design Magazine 27 pears smooth but at the microscopic level, all materials exhibit surface irregularities. • The onset frequency of the RMS surface roughness effect is 1.28GHz for ED copper. • Typical values of surface roughness are 3um for the outer surface and 6um for the inner surface. • The smoothest surface HVLP material with 1.5um average surface roughness, will not exhibit any noticeable surface roughness effect up to 20GHz. PCBDESIgn References 1. Barry Olney Beyond Design columns: Sur- face Finishes for High-Speed PCBs and Material Selection for SERDES Design. 2. "How Surface Roughness Impacts High- Performance PCBs," Judy Warner, Microwave Journal. 3. "Effect of Conductor Surface Roughness upon Measured Loss and Extracted Values of PCB Laminate Material Dissipation Factor," Hi- naga, Koledintseva, Anmula and Drewniak. 4. "Signal Transmission Loss due to Copper Surface Roughness in High-Frequency Region," Liew, Okubo, and Hosoi. 5. "Roughness Characterization for Inter- connect Analysis," Yuriy Shlepnev, Chudy Nwa- chukwu. 6. "Signal and Power Integrity Simplified," Eric Bogatin. 7. "High-Speed Signal Propagation," How- ard Johnson. 8. The ICD Stackup and PDN Planner, www. Barry Olney is managing direc- tor of In-Circuit Design Pty ltd (ICD), Australia. This PCB design service bureau specializes in board-level simulation, and has developed the ICD stackup Plan- ner and ICD PDN Planner software. To read past columns, or to contact Olney, click here. EFFECTS OF SURFACE ROUgHnESS On HIgH-SPEED PCBS continues beyond design CliCk To View Video Interview In his sMTAI keynote speech, IPC President John W. Mitchell discusses some trends IPC sees ahead in 2015 for the global electron- ics manufacturing services industry. From hot prod- ucts to changing strategies, Mitchell covers it all. SMTAI Keynote Speech: EMS Trends for 2015 by Real Time with... SMTAI

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