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4 The PCB Design Magazine • February 2015 Effective Characteristic Impedance by Kirk Fabbri feature Columns Effects of Surface Roughness on High-speed PCBs by Barry Olney I 3 : Incident, Instantaneous, Impedance by Martyn Gaudion feature Columns Effects of DC Bias on Ceramic Capacitors by Istvan Novak Controlled Impedance: A Real- World Look at the PCB Side by Dan Beaulieu and Bob Tarzwell Insertion Loss: A Bigger Concern in High-Speed Digital? by John Coonrod A decade ago, most PCB designers didn't have to worry about the challenges associated with higher speeds. But now, many electronic products feature high-speed PCBs, and designs are getting faster all the time. This month, we focus on high-speed design techniques, with articles from our contributors Kirk Fabbri, Barry Olney, Istvan Novak, Martyn Gaudion, John Coonrod, and Bob Tarzwell and Dan Beaulieu. 10 22 28 34 38 44 Featured Content February 2015 This Issue: HIgH-Speed deSIgn

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