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May 2015 • SMT Magazine 73 5 Flextronics Joins Daintree Networks' Partner Program Daintree networks, the leader in open networked wireless control and operation solutions for smart buildings, today announced that flextronics, a leading innovative supply chain solutions com- pany, has officially joined its ControlScope Con- nected partner program. 6 STI Electronics Earns IPC's Validations Services QmL ipC's Validation Services program has awarded an ipC J-STD-001, ipC-A-610, and ipC J-STD-001 Space Addendum Qualified Manufacturers listing (QMl) to STi Electronics inc. (STi), an electronics manufacturer and ipc Training center in Madison, alabama. 7 Bellerophon Taps Flextronics to manufacture mark2 bellerophon Therapeutics inc. has selected flex- tronics international ltd. as its manufacturing partner for the inopulse Mark2, the company's next-generation pulsatile nitric oxide delivery de- vice. bellerophon and flextronics have entered into an agreement under which flextronics will manufacture, repair and service the Mark2 devices to be used in bellerophon's inopulse clinical de- velopment programs. 8 ImI Outperforms EmS industry's Growth Rate in 2014 "The company's remarkable growth is a result of various drivers—a wider and more diversified geo- graphic footprint, a steady increase in demand from original equipment manufacturer customers, and a deep focus on product innovation and customer service. More importantly, we have improved our use of manufacturing technology and design intel- ligence in our products and operations," said Jaime augusto Zobel de ayala, chairman of iMi. 9 SmTC Suffers from 15.6% Revenue Drop in Fy2014 revenue for the year was $228.6 million, a 15.6% decrease from 2013. The majority of the decrease in revenue was due to reduced volumes with two customers. The gross profit percentage for 2014 was 8.3%, compared to 5.6% in the prior year, as a result of cost cutting and improvements in manufacturing efficiencies. J NOTE Posts Sales Growth in 2014; Sees Positive 2015 "in 2014, we advanced against the competition on a fairly stable european market. after a strong third quarter with 17% sales growth, we antici- pated stable but weaker sales performance in Q4. Sales in Q4 were down 3% year on year, for the full year, sales were up by over 6%," commented by noTe's ceo, peter laveson. May 2015 • SMT Magazine 73 for the latest SmT news and information— anywhere, anytime.

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