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70 The PCB Magazine • May 2015 1 Multek CTO Excited about the Challenges of the Fast-Moving wearables Market i-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties and recently- appointed Multek CTo Dr. Joan Vrtis sat down at iPC aPex exPo to discuss the rapidly evolving wear- ables market, especially for medical, and the myriad questions that must be addressed. other topics in- clude Multek's contribution to the wearables indus- try and what it sees as the main challenges to put- ting their circuits into various applications. 2 raising a Unified Voice for an Advanced Manufacturing Economy The electronics manufacturing industry is an im- portant sector in the global economy, and John Hasselmann, VP of Government Relations at iPC, is an advocate for policies that will help our indus- try as well as the prosperity and welfare of billions of people. 3 reliability and Harmonization of Global Standards at Forefront of EIPC Efforts at iPC aPex exPo 2015, i-Connect007 Technical editor Pete starkey caught up with eiPC's Michael weinhold and alun Morgan, who were happy to discuss both recent and ongoing focuses for eiPC. also touched on was the importance of the align- ment of global standardization processes, espe- cially for asia. 4 Are There Advantages to Changing your registration System? i-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties recently had a conversation with Dis's Tony Faraci at iPC aPex exPo 2015, to learn more about their pinless registration system. what was most interesting to Matties was the potential advantages a pinless system offers and why the process has not been widely adopted. toP tEn recent Highlights from PCB007 70 The PCB Magazine • May 2015

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