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58 The PCB Design Magazine • June 2015 instructions and communication of the steps to be taking during final installation of the PCBA into the product enclosure. Using this new integrated method, at least 50% of the time normally taken to verify and validate PCB shape and folds can be saved, due to the interactive and instantaneous feedback nature of the approach. Further time and error is reduced for final assembly, as clear images and video can be generated from the folding steps of the rigid- flex PCBA to discover the optimal assembly sequence. This video or image output can be utilized in both assembly and product service documentation. PCBDESIGN References 1. Jordan, B., 2013, Rigid-Flex PCB Design –A guidebook for designers, Altium Inc., La Jolla, CA. 2. Esden, 2009, The twisted world of Esden (Blog), viewed 13 October 2014. 3. Coombs, C.F. 2008, Printed Circuits Hand- book, 6th ed, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY. 2. IPC 2011, Sectional Design Standard for Flexible Printed Boards, IPC-2223C, IPC, Ban- nockburn, Illinois. 3. Thermal Conductivity Polyimide Film 2013, Shinmax Technology Ltd., Taiwan, viewed 25 October 2013. 4. TCM125-OE, Zhuhai Smartech Electronics & Machinery, China, viewed 25 October 2013. 5. Machined Class A Die Coverlay 2011, GC Aero Inc., United States, viewed 25 October 2013. 6. Fine Blanking Die SKD11 / Din1.2379 for Flex Printed Circuit Board 2013, Haoji Stamping Tool & Die Co. Ltd., China, viewed 31 October 2013. 7. 1.6 mm Immersion Gold FR-4 & PI 6 Layer Rigid Flexible Board/Multilayer Printed Circuit Board 2013, YYUXING Shenzhen Electronics Co., LTD., Korea, viewed 25 October 2013. article RIGID-FLEx PCB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME – WITHOuT PAPER DOLLS continues Ben Jordan is senior product manager for PCB design and 3D modeling products at Altium. Figure 11: streamlining the process further by performing all DFM checks in the PCB design tool.

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