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68 SMT Magazine • September 2015 ing height and cubic measurement. When us- ing this additional 2D information, we will be able to provide simpler programming with low false calls, which contributes to operational ef- ficiency and moreover, improves the accuracy. Las Marias: what about shorter product lifecycles and keeping costs in check? Koike: Basically, it will be the same story as the above. Shorter lifecycle and innovation means low volume, high mix. On the other hand, they cannot increase the cost to program, and lower- ing the quality is not an option. They need to improve the quality. This is why we provide 3D AOI and true cubic 3D X-ray inspection. Las Marias: From your perspective as an aoi equipment provider, what are some of your tough- est challenges when it comes to providing solutions targeted at automotive electronics? Koike: In the initial period, it will be the regu- latory requirements, but once we go through this it will not be a big challenge. Regulatory is regulatory. We just accommodate it until it becomes perfect. Changing technology under this quality and regulatory pressure for au- tomotive electronics will be tremendous; on the other hand, technical requirements will be emerging, which means that we periodi- cally need to update the technology. Creating the balance between these will be the difficult part. Las Marias: what do you see as the biggest driver of automotive electronics innovation? Koike: I cannot clearly say as it depends on the area and company, but overall, until now, the driver was efficiency—and will be at a certain extent due to the limited energy problem. Add- ing to that, the driver from now on will be the additional value I mentioned earlier. Las Marias: what are some of the other main driv- ers for new products in your business? Koike: We think further automation will be nec- essary in the future. Words like "Industry 4.0" and "IoT" are starting to show presence and the requirement toward these are emerging. This will certainly be a driver and we are preparing to deal with this by having any inspection in the process of SMT and THT. Las Marias: nori, thank you for speaking with us today. Koike: Thank you, Stephen. smt FeAture interview ADDressING tHe NeeD FOr reLIAbLe, ACCurAte INspeCtION resuLts continues nori Koike, coo of Japan-based Saki corp.

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