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10 The PCB Magazine • September 2015 pAtty'S pErSpECtIvE Patricia Goldman is a 30+ year veteran of the PcB industry, with experience in a variety of areas, including r&D of imaging tech- nologies, wet process engineering, and sales and marketing of PWB chemistry. she has worked actively with iPc since 1981 and served as taec chairman, and is also the co-author of numerous technical papers. to contact goldman, click here. tive electronics market today, where it's heading tomorrow, and what it all means to companies wanting to participate. We asked Dan Feinberg to pay a visit to NVIDIA and he came back with an article that is chock-full of all the latest innovations, both real and still on the (virtual) drawing board. Plus, he got answers to a set of very interesting ques- tions. Definitely an exciting read. Steve Williams, of The Right Approach Con- sulting LLC, jumped right in to tell us more about what to expect in our car of the future, pointing out applications for PCBs along the way. While self-driving cars are the big atten- tion getters, there is much coming in the near future that will make your next vehicle (your computer on wheels) oh-so-user-friendly. And it seems everyone is alert to the concerns of hacking a car's multiple computer systems. May the "good guys" technology always stay in the lead. But wait a minute. Maybe being a supplier to the automotive industry isn't all it's cracked up to be. We have a cautionary tale from Yash Sutariya (Saturn Flex Systems) —proceed with care! Along an entirely different line, let me in- troduce you to our newest columnist, Davian Larente, engineering manager at Marquardt Switches—you guessed it—a supplier to the au- tomotive industry. Davian shows how lessons learned about supplier management and rela- tionships can apply to any industry or market segment. This is a great tie-in with last month's issue on supply chain management. Getting a little more nuts and bolts techni- cal, we next come to an interview with Jona- thon Doan of Nordsen MARCH on using plas- ma treatment as a cleaning method to ensure the kind of reliability now required in the auto- motive segment. One of our newer, regular columnists, Tara Dunn, of Omni PCB, follows with a great analy- sis of the final surface finishes used on PCBs and flex circuits for automotive and other market sectors. In an interview conducted by our China editor, Edy Yu, Shengyi's executive director Jack Dong tells us about the changing requirements and standards for copper-clad laminate for the automotive industry, and the impact this has had on his company. And last, but absolutely not least, we have our well-known and (dare I say) beloved colum- nist Karl Dietz, who has taught us all so much over the years, about photoresist and imaging and all the associated processes. This month he gets into some interesting detail on the struc- ture and composition of photoresist. On a more personal note, with regard to the automotive industry, here's my advice: Maybe don't buy a new car right now. Wait two or three years! I believe I will wait a good while. I'm sort of liking the idea of a chauffeur—virtual that is. Next month, we'll be talking about the many ways to reduce cycle time, within indi- vidual processes and throughout your com- pany. If you haven't already, subscribe here to make sure you don't miss a thing. PCB CARS, CARS, CARS! continues

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