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December 2015 • The PCB Magazine 53 hand, in order to encourage a green economy, protect the earth's resources, and promote sus- tainable economic development, standards such as "social responsibility standards" can be free. I-Connect007: What resources (book stores, etc.) are most important to your members? CPCA: The most important resources are the annual economic information, economy sta- tistics for our industry and other industries, Top 100 analysis reports, and macroeconomic policy. I-Connect007: How do you satisfy CPCA members' need for technical information, and in what for- mat? CPCA: First, our association holds a technical forum in the spring and autumn of every year, where best papers are released. Secondly, we can provide technical advisory services for en- terprises. Third, we offer identification of new technologies and issue expert reports. I-Connect007: Please highlight some of your suc- cess stories in the industry. CPCA: There are too many to name. We are the connection between our industry and the government. We have done great work for our members and industry. The government listens to our voice when they are building regulations. Currently, after our hard work, the government announced that PCB manufacturers don't need to apply for a "printing business license" any - more. I-Connect007: What technologies do you consider the most important in the future? CPCA: China is advocating intelligent manufac- turing, as are most countries. Germany is also advocating industry 4.0, and India keeps pro- moting "Made in India." All countries have at- tached great importance to industrial develop- ment. Industrial development is the cornerstone of development in each country. With regard to the future of PCB manufacturing, smart manu- facturing is the most important one. I think the sustainable development of energy-saving tech- nology, environmental protection, and low-car- bon emissions must be the future trend. I-Connect007: How do you cooperate with other associations? CPCA: We learn from each other and share in- formation. I-Connect007: What upcoming standards/certifi- cations should people be aware of? CPCA: "Electronics industry emission stan- dards", this standard will complete separation of printed circuit industry with electroplating industry; it is a milestone in our industry. I-Connect007: How do you assist your members in dealing with government agencies? CPCA: We help the government see things from companies' points of view. I-Connect007: What are your most successful pro - grams and why? CPCA: The CPCA Show is an industry bench- mark with great international influence. I-Connect007: Why should someone join your as- sociation? CPCA: It is an excellent platform on which to find business and make friends and contacts. I-Connect007: What regions do you best serve and what are you missions in each region that you serve? CPCA: We are wherever PCBs are being made in China. We provide information, events, techni - cal seminars, and other activities in developed areas. In developing areas, we offer industry de- velopment plans for the local government, to provide professional advice to corporate invest- ment expansion. I-Connect007 would like to thank CPCA for tak- ing the time to respond to our questionnaire. PCB FeATure IN THEIR WORDS: THE CHINA PRINTED CIRCUIT ASSOCIATION (CPCA)

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