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January 2016 • The PCB Design Magazine 71 president and Ceo of eMA Design Automation. He discusses eMA's approach to managing a vari- ety of types of complex data, the need for seam- less data processes, and the future of compliance- aware design. 5 Rogers Scales up Production and Integrates Arlon Range editor Pete Starkey inter- views rogers european Sales Manager John Hen- dricks at productronica 2015. Hendricks updates us on rogers' acquisition of Arlon, and explains how the Arlon products are complementary to rogers' existing materials. 6 Beyond Design: Plane Crazy, Part 1 A high-speed digital power dis- tribution network (PDn) must provide a low inductance, low impedance path between all ICs on the PCB that need to com- municate. In order to reduce the inductance, we must also mini- mize the loop area enclosed by the current flow. obviously, the most practical way to achieve this is to use power and ground planes in a multilayer stackup. In this two-part column, I will look at the alternatives to planes, why planes are used for high-speed design, and the best com- bination for your application. 7 Mentor Webinar: Maximizing the Accuracy of FloTHERM Models This January 20 webinar will introduce the new capability in FloTHerM v11.1 to auto- matically calibrate FloTHerM models to match T3Ster measurements. T3Ster mea- surements capture the full transient thermal charac- teristics of a device, and converts this into industry standard Structure Function curves. 8 zuken uSA Expands operations with CAETEk Acquisition zuken uSA Inc., a leader in electrical and electronic de- sign software, has ac- quired CAeTeK Inc. CAeTeK is a software developer and sales partner for electrical design and manufacturing solutions. The addition of CAeTeK will strengthen zuken uSA's product portfolio and coverage in the electrical design space. CAeTeK employees and in- tellectual property will transition to zuken uSA as part of the acquisition. 9 Pulsonix Poised to Take More EDA Market Share Publisher Barry Matties met with Bob Williams, managing director and co-owner of Pulsonix, and Sales and Market- ing Manager Tyrone Stephens to discuss the challenges facing the eDA tool market, and how they're establishing this uK-based company in the global design tool marketplace. J Mentor White Paper: optimum Design Associates on Implementing Lean NPI Pleasanton, California- based optimum De- sign Associates has implemented lean nPI into its PCB design and layout processes, and seen exceptional re- sults. In this series of white papers, oDA ex- plains how Valor nPI and oDB++ were instrumen- tal in helping this company achieve best practice lean nPI, and how lean nPI can help your com- pany too. January 2016 • The PCB Design Magazine 71

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