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February 2016 • The PCB Design Magazine 67 5 SiSoft Announces OptimEYE Technology for AMI Simulations SiSoft has announced op- timeye, which works with SiSoft's Quantum Chan- nel Designer software to automatically identify the right combination of TX & RX settings to maxi- mize a serial link's oper- ating margin. optimeye identifies the ideal balance without requiring large "blind sweeps" of settings normally used to search a design space for potential solutions. 6 Medical PCB Design: Not Just Another High-Rel Board Some of the coolest new electron- ic products have come courtesy of the medical market. I wanted to find out more about this fast- growing segment, so I contacted Kenneth MacCallum, an engi- neering physicist with StarFish Medical. StarFish is a medical device design company that's created some major electronic medical innovations, and they're about as cutting-edge as you can get. 7 New DownStream Training Dates: March 2 and July 20 This technical train- ing course will fo- cus on how to use the powerful features within BluePrint to generate documents and documents sets. emphasis will be placed on using the Gallery and Document Tem- plates to automate the process. Training courses are always a good investment, in yourself and in your software. 8 McCurdy: How to Build a Successful IPC Designers Council Chapter As a Southern California na- tive and an industry veteran, the name Scott McCurdy is a familiar one for me. Scott has been in the electronics indus- try for 40+ years. Thirty-two of those years were spent build- ing and running McCurdy Circuits, a successful PCB fabrication facility in or- ange County. These days, Scott is focused on the design side of things as the director of sales and marketing for Freedom CAD Services, the largest independent design bureau in the nation. 9 Zuken Tempts Engineers with New Year CADSTAR Giveaway Zuken is offering elec- tronic engineers who made new Year's reso- lutions to try new design software the chance to achieve this now at no cost. The free download of CADSTAR Schematics Design Tool, worth more than $500, will allow the whole design team to in- stantly explore CADSTAR's integrated design flow. The offer runs through March 31, 2016. J Electrical Design Challenges for Automotive PCBs A recent article in The PCB De- sign Magazine by Monica Andrei of Continental Automotive Sys- tems emphasized the systemic nature of an automobile and discussed the characteristics and adoption of software design tools to enable such system-level design. This article will present more detail on signal integrity. for the latest circuit design news and information— anywhere, anytime.

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