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June 2016 • SMT Magazine 65 Goldman: Right, they keep you well-informed of all the important stuff. Raby: They've educated me, but they're also go- ing to be sitting next to me. If I start to stumble, they'll steer me in the right direction, or if the senator asks a question that I don't know the answer to, I just look over and they'll help to answer it. Goldman: And John Hasselmann said they have all the data ready as well. So they'll have a lot of answers. Raby: John and his entire team do a fantastic job. Goldman: Okay. It's probably about time to head in to the meeting. Well thanks so much for your time, Dave. Raby: Thanks Patty, I appreciate you being here, because publicizing this can do nothing but help it. Goldman: That's what I hope to see happen also. Raby: IPC does a great job on this. There's no- body else up here looking out for us in the elec- tronics industry. SMT Congressional meeting.

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