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14 SMT Magazine • July 2016 THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION (INDUSTRY 4.0): INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING tation as part of the "Third Offset Strategy." The Strategy reflects the Defense Department's new paradigm to strengthen conventional de- terrence against potential global threats and adversary nations. The Pentagon will not try to match its adversaries "tank-for-tank, gun- for-gun, missile-for-missile, person-for-per- son, and instead will offset enemy strengths in other ways...We will reveal for deterrence, and we will conceal for war-fighting advantage," Work said (Inside Defense). It is a dynamic strategy aiming at the dynamic, complex and uncertain environment. Among the technological "elixirs," the U.S. military will pursue its effort to harness arti- ficial intelligence and autonomy as part of a competition among the world's greatest pow- ers. Secretary Work said, "We have identified what we believe to be the five key technological components of the Third Offset Strategy." The five components are: • Learning machines that will literally oper- ate at the speed of light; they will change the way we pursue intelligence; they will be utilized for indications and warning; they will be used in cases where human reaction speed is simply not up to the task—specifically in cyber de- fense, electronic warfare and large-density mis- sile raids. • Human-machine collaboration, as team- ing up human insight with the tactical acuity of human computers, to make the human more effective in the decision space. • Assisted-human operations, coming on- line in the commercial sector, such as automo- tive technology that warns an operator about obstacles when backing up. Such capabilities would evolve to allow decisions to be delegated to a machine. The U.S. military will primarily be interested in wearable electronics—combat apps, new types of different things that the sol- ider, sailor, airman and Marines will carry and help them fight. • Advanced manned and unmanned com- bat teaming, which is happening now and will get more powerful in the future. • Network-enabled autonomous weapons that are hardened for cyber-attack and electron- ic-warfare environments. According to Work, implementing the Third Offset Strategy, which is set to be as part of the fiscal year 2017 budget request, will require "strong, top-down governance," revitalization of war-gaming with more demonstrations and experimentation, and a focus on agility and cost. Gravitational Pull The fourth industrial revolution epitomizes "gravitational pull" that is set by multiple and complex drivers as well as crosscurrents—ex- panded globalization, technological explosion, digital t ools, Internet-centric data flow, global competitiveness, among others. As striding to- ward the fourth industrial revolution, regard- less of a particular business strategy, be it a service provider or an agile niche product pro- ducer or a low-cost mass merchandise supplier, success in the era of Industry 4.0 hinges on a comprehensive vision coupled with a compel- ling business model embodied with a decisive strategy and defined core value drivers. To that end, focus areas for future investments can then be identified. Key efforts are to be made on the collectiv- ity and connectivity of technologies, seamless integration of data, effective use of digital tools, and the vision and continued deployment of new technologies to achieve operational opti- mization and business excellence. SMT " The fourth industrial revolution epitomizes "gravitational pull" that is set by multiple and complex drivers as well as crosscurrents—expanded globaliza- tion, technological explosion, digital tools, Internet-centric data flow, global competitiveness, among others. "

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