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60 SMT Magazine • July 2016 resolutions during scanning, so that they are freely configurable based on the requirements of the measuring task. The technology also enables measurement values to be generated regardless of the reflec- tion characteristics of the respective surfaces, making it possible to check features indepen- dently of the layout. Where connectors or individual pins are concerned, errors such as bent connection con- tacts, too deep pin insertion into the housing, or portruding pins can occur. These may cause missed insertion of counterparts in subsequent processes. In a worst-case scenario, the assem- bly is unusable as a result. The 3D measuring algorithms provided in the AOI Software PILOT 6 enable the user to measure the swash circumference—the devia- tion in x and y direction—as well the height and embedment depth of the pins, and assess them based on defined tolerances. PERFECT PLACEMENT OF CONNECTORS AND PINS Figure 2: TMSA technology. Figure 3: Pin with measurement level for embed- ment depth testing.

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