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82 SMT Magazine • August 2016 cities that IMS visits through these high school and middle school teachers, I think that's kind of an interesting area that we could be helping out on. Matties: I know STEM is getting a lot of attention in the media from a lot of different places, the Mak- er Faire and so on, and just in general people are talking about it. If a company wants to be more active in supporting the STEM program, what should they do? Lardizabal: Certainly support us here at IMS at the different sponsorship levels, and find people within your company who want to come and volunteer. In 2015, we had over 50 volunteers from supporting companies, and a number of other companies coming out and supporting us as our STEM event. We encourage the vol- unteers and the industry presenters to provide an interactive day with an engineer and learn about not just the exhibits they'll be seeing, but what it is like to attend a scientific conference where ideas are shared. Certainly, they have more questions about the engineers themselves than they can handle. Matties: Yes, I would think so. This is great. Thank you for all your efforts in this. I know you're mak- ing a difference one student at a time. Lardizabal: Thank you, and particular thanks to Kelvin Yuk and Mike Chapman who worked so hard to continue the IMS STEM program in 2016. Matties: It's a great goal and it does make a dif- ference, so thank you. Are there any final thoughts that you would want to share? Lardizabal: I think the most important thing I've seen in working on the STEM programs over these last few years is—and just earlier someone was talking about homeschooling, and really the focus there isn't the difference in what the teaching is—it's that the teaching is not teach- ing to a test. It's real life. You can do that in school too, and you can do that here at IMS at the symposium. Matties: That is Excellent, Steven. Thank you so much. Lardizabal: Thank you. SMT IMS AND STEM: BUILDING A STRONGER FUTURE

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