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August 2016 • The PCB Magazine 57 on in the industry right now. You have the major merger of TTM and Viasystems. It's probably one of the biggest compa- nies out there in the world now. There are a number of mil/aero customers who are afraid of this; main- ly because now they have to seek out addi- tional sources. We're seeing some residual business from this merger. You've got the one giant, you've got a handful of what I'll call mid-sized compa- nies, the $50–100 million guys, and then you've got a whole slew of smaller ones. It's going to be interesting in the next number of years to see where this goes and how it's going to go. Matties: Also it's going to be interesting in the next number of years to see how you meet your sales goal. Barry: I think we're going to be very successful. Matties: It sounds like you have a good founda- tion to build on. B arry: Yeah, we have a strong customer base in the U.S. and we're growing. We just brought on another additional direct sales guy. We uti- lize direct sales people around the country as well as sales reps. Our mindset is not one of let's bring on a 1,000 new customers. Ours is one of let's bring on a manageable number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 faithful customers that we can help grow. Matties: I think the big advantage you also have is an ownership structure that invests in the orga- nization, empowers their people, lets you do your job, but holds you accountable. Barry: Absolutely. Matties: I think that is key. We go from company to company; I've interviewed hundreds of people by now, and it's amazing how lacking accountabil- ity is in the business world. Barry: Yeah, I think it's key and I have a little thing on my email that says "accountability breeds responsibility." It's a statement from Ste- ven Covey, who as you know, wrote The Seven Habits. Matties: I did notice that on your email and thought, "Well, here's a man who's enlightened," because it's the truth. Barry: Yes, it is. Matties: Are there any other thoughts that you have or topics you would like to cover? Barry: No, I appreciate your meeting me here in London and giving me the time to speak. I look forward to future growth with us and fu- ture conversations and being involved in the industry. That's all I think I have at this point. Matties: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Barry: All right, thanks. PCB ELTEK LOOKING FOR STRONG GROWTH IN THE USA

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