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October 2016 • SMT Magazine 39 I have one final bonus question for those of you who are interested in the costs of bringing sustainable systems optimization to your com- pany and people: What is the average ROI for doing in-depth, sustainable, systems optimization work in con- junction with systems-based staff training? A. 300%–1000% B. 100%–300% C. 50%–100% D. 47% E. 28% F. 10-25% The answer to this question can be found af- ter the scoring summary below. The Biz Brain IQ Test is designed to intro- duce you to the power of systems thinking and the roles of leadership and management in har- nessing that power. The test challenges many of the old beliefs about leadership and manage- ment that now go unexamined. It is also an op- portunity for you to get a feel for where you stand in relation to other leaders and manag- ers as relates to systems thinking and the use of systems optimization tools as your best bet for resolving problems and significantly improving the performance of your company. Check out your score and, if you have ques- tions, feel free to contact me anytime. Scoring 150–200—You are a genius leader or manag- er. You're probably in the top 1−2% of all leaders or managers. Your business will likely dramatical- ly outperform those of your competitors. You are probably being recognized as a leader in your in- dustry and business in general. 130–149—Congratulations! You are for the most part a good leader or manager. Your busi- ness is probably doing well in relation to your competitors. You may be seen as a leader in your industry. 110–129—You are about average and proba- bly a somewhat effective leader or manager. Your business is probably performing about the same of your competitors. Your company could be doing significantly better. 90–109—You are below average in your knowledge of systems and growing your people. Your business is probably struggling at times and needs work in both systems optimization and growing people. 89 or less— You may have difficulty sustain- ably solving problems, motivating people or growing the business. Your business will often be filled with drama and expensive firefights. You may well be feeling somewhat overwhelmed or exhausted. Bonus Question Answer The answer is A: 300%–1000%. Because ROIs like this are very rare in most businesses, for most leaders and managers this is a hard number to fathom. Yet, throughout a 25-year period of do- ing this type of work, 300–1000% first year ROIs are where the returns on the vast majority of im- plementations fell. The point of this question is to get leaders and managers thinking about what they might do to raise their game and most bene- fit their people and companies. SMT References 1. Biz Brain IQ Test by Dibble Leaders. David Dibble is a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, executive coach, and systems thinker. For more than 25 years he has consulted and trained in the workplace, with a focus on his systems-based book The New Agreements in the Workplace. To reach Dibble, click here. BIZ BRAIN IQ TEST: THE SURPRISING RESULTS

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