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October 2016 • SMT Magazine 97 5 Local SMTA Expos Are Where It's Happening! At the recent SMTA chap- ter expos, Greg Vance with Rockwell Automa- tion and Brett Crane with Bird Electronic Corpora- tion speak with I-Con- nect007's Patty Goldman about the event, and the trends happening in the electronics manufacturing industry. 6 4 Benefits of Industrial Automation in Electronics Manufacturing In a nutshell, industrial automation is a step be- yond mechanization; it is about using control sys- tems and technology to replace human physical and mental labor in the manufacturing and engineering sector. This article talks about four of the resulting benefits of auto- mation for electronics manufacturers. 7 Silicon Valley SMTA Chapter President Kevin McClay on Evolution and Current Status of SMTA Kevin McClay, president of Sil- icon Valley SMTA Chapter, speaks with I-Connect007's Judy Warner on the activities of the SMTA in the Valley, and the challenge of attracting young talent to join the manufactur- ing engineering industry. 8 IPC Announces Development of Press-fit Pin Standard for Automotive Requirements IPC has announced plans to start the development of a new standard in- tended to cover the qualifications and acceptance requirements for press-fit pin technology that includes the reli- ability needs for automotive and other industries, such as aerospace. 9 Zentech Adds Seica Pilot 4D V8 Flying Probe Electrical Testing Capability Zentech Manufacturing is pleased to announce the ad- dition of the Seica Pilot 4D V8 Flying Probe Test Sys- tem, the latest frontier in fly- ing probe test technology that features the highest test speed, low to medium volume capability with en- hanced test coverage and flexibility. J SMTA 'Chapter of the Year' Award Winners Announced The SMTA has announced the winners of its "Chap- ter of the Year" award in recognition of the ac- complishments made by local SMTA chapters. Among the winners are the SMTA Atlanta Chap- ter, the Oregon Chapter, the Dallas Chapter, and the Penang Chapter in Malaysia. for the latest SMT news and information— anywhere, anytime.

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