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14 The PCB Design Magazine • November 2016 uniformity and reliability data that are used to measure, track, and improve processes. Our data illustrate strengths and weaknesses of processes, and points to areas requiring improvement or development. Furthermore, the data offers in- sight into the sources of defects and process non-uniformities, allowing for their reduction or elimination. CAT's services include test panel and cou- pon design, precision electrical testing, reliabil- ity testing, and comprehensive data analysis. Whether measuring, comparing, or developing processes, we provide a standardized, indepen- dent, and documented evaluation of printed circuit board process capability, quality, and re- liability. The IPC PCQR 2 (Process Capability, Qual- ity and Relative Reliability) Database, an ex- tensive supply chain management resource, was developed by IPC and CAT in the fall of 2000 for designers, purchasers, assemblers and manufacturers of printed boards. It is based on statistical data collected from industry-de - veloped test patterns that quantifies the capa- bility, quality and reliability of printed board manufacturers. PCB supplier facility benchmark data was first posted in the PCQR 2 Database in November 2001. Since then, 220 printed board supplier fa- cilities have submitted one or more sets of test panels for evaluation yielding a total of more than 750 sets of test panels evaluated. Within the last 36 months, 78 different printed board supplier facilities have submitted one or more test panel designs for testing. There has been an average of 120 submissions recorded in the database over the rolling 36-month comparison period. By geographic region, the submissions over the last 36 months break down as follows: 70% from Greater China; 24% from North America; 6% from Asia/Pacific; and, 0% from Europe, Middle East & Africa. OEMs and EMS providers can subscribe to the IPC PCQR 2 Database by paying an annual subscription fee. As part of that annual sub- scription, database subscribers have full access to all analysis reports generated from testing of each 15-panel submission from participating global PCB supplier facilities. The number of ac- tive database subscribers currently stands at 14. A total 32 different companies have subscribed to the database since its beginning. CAT'S DAVID WOLF ON VIA RELIABILITY ANALYSIS Figure 2: CAT analyzes all areas of the PCB for reliability.

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