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26 The PCB Design Magazine • March 2017 to the moon or do some other in- teresting things. Shaughnessy: The XPRIZE people have a rocket or two. Woznicki: I know what you're talking about. Is that the one where they had the driverless ve- hicles that go through the desert? Shaughnessy: Right, all kinds of cool stuff. Woznicki: But yeah, it'd be interesting to see what happens under the Trump administration. Shaughnessy: The military contractors are pretty happy now. Woznicki: Yeah, as well they should be. Shaughnessy: That sequestration freaked them out a couple of years ago. Woznicki: That is certainly a necessary part of our country. Shaughnessy: Very good. Anything else you want to add? Congratulations on 25 years, staying off the dole and being fully employed. Woznicki: Yeah, no kidding. It's like, wow, how did I get here? It's been wonderful, because the palatial corporate headquarters is my up- stairs bedroom and it's been wonderful being at home, watching your kids grow up at the same time, working a hell of a lot of hours because work is always right there. Shaughnessy: It never goes away. I'm ruined. I could never work in an office again. How would my laundry get done? Woznicki: Me too, I'm too spoiled and I have too many other things that I like to do. I haven't been mud running in a long time, in fact my brother wants me to go out and we've had all these rains here in Cali- fornia so there's going to be some good mud at the four-wheel part. Shaughnessy: Sure. In Atlanta, we call four- wheeling "getting squirrely." Woznicki: Getting squirrely? I haven't heard that. My wife and I are on this grand midlife adventure and we're building a hobby farm down in Gilroy, California. When the real es- tate dipped a while back, we found a cheap piece of farmland for sale so we've got a small herd of beef cattle running out there. So we get to play out there with the cows and the tractors and skip loaders and such. Shaughnessy: That's cool. It's always a pleasure speaking with you, Tom. Thanks again. Woznicki: You too, Andy. Thank you. PCBDESIGN "FLEXDUDE" TOM WOZNICKI CELEBRATES COMPANY'S 25 TH ANNIVERSARY Tom "Flexdude" Woznicki Researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), working with the Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich (ETHZ) and two Spanish research teams, have devel - oped a technique based on the use of graphene, which allows for the potentially very quick control of both the intensity and the polarization of terahertz light. Working within the framework of the European project Graphene Flagship, scientists have made a graphene- based transistor adapted to terahertz waves. Today, the UNIGE research team's focus is to move on from the prototype, and develop practical applications and new opportunities by controlling terahertz waves. Their objective is to make terahertz waves industrially competitive in the next few years. There are two main areas of application for this inno - vation, the first being communications. This would pres- ent a significant advantage in telecommunications. The second sphere of application is that of imaging. Being non-ionising, terahertz waves do not alter DNA and there - fore are very useful in medicine, biology and pharmacy. Towards Mastering Terahertz Waves with Graphene

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