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May 2017 • The PCB Design Magazine 75 5 Obsessing over Conductor Surface Roughness: What's the Effect on DK? You know you have an ob- session when you are flying six miles over Colorado and you look out the window at the beautiful scenery, and all you can think about is how the rocky mountain topol- ogy reminds you of conduc- tor surface roughness! Well, call me obsessed, be- cause that's exactly what I thought on my way to DesignCon 2017 6 European PCB Designer Day to Focus on Critical Layout Factors The European Insti- tute of Printed Circuits (EIPC) and FED will be holding European PCB Designer Day at the Marivaux Hotel Congress & Seminar Center in Brussels, Belgium on June 21, 2017. De- signer Day focuses on some of the more critical design factors including base material selection, performance modelling and testing, signal integri- ty, component layout tools and 3D structures, and embedded components. 7 DesignCon Announces 2017 Awards for Best Papers The 2017 DesignCon Best Pa- per Award winners have been selected. The first-round final- ists were judged based on at- tendee feedback, collected at DesignCon 2017, on the impact of their presentation. Winners include I-Connect007 contributors Istvan Novak and Yuriy Shlepnev. 8 Bruce Mahler Discusses Ohmega's Resistive Material Technology Bruce Mahler, vice president of Ohmega Technologies, sat down for an interview with Andy Shaughnessy at DesignCon 2017. He dis- cussed the company's latest embedded resistive materi- als, as well as some of the drivers and challenges in that segment of the materials industry. 9 Wanted: Industry Input on Next Rev of IPC-2581 The IPC 2-16 tech- nical committee is actively soliciting input from industry for the next major revision of the IPC- 2581 standard. Re- gardless of your present IPC-2581 adoption status, we want to hear from each of vou. The objective of this next round of enhancements is to eliminate risk and inefficiency in your day-to-day operations, and streamline your production processes. J TTM Shines a Light on Optical Interconnect Are embedded optics on PCBs set to make a breakthrough in the upcoming years? Accord- ing to Dr. Craig Davidson, VP of Corporate Technology at TTM, it might be closer than you'd expect. Craig outlines TTM's current pursuit of high-volume manufac- turing lines able to deliver embedded optical in- terconnect, what that would mean for the PCB industry, and why he thinks there will be optical manufacturing production capability by 2020. for the latest circuit design news and information—anywhere, anytime.

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