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30 SMT Magazine • July 2017 COUNTERFEIT ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS IDENTIFICATION: A CASE STUDY tions, the parts were scrapped. The U.S. Depart- ment of Justice filed a lawsuit against the broker after determining that enough evidence sug- gested counterfeit parts were sold, primarily to defense contractors. Figure 8 shows a press re- lease of the lawsuit with the following excerpt: A December 2009 sale of 350 counterfeit OCM Semiconductor ICs to a company in New York in fulfillment of a contract with a major US defense contractor for integration into a beam steering control module board within the multiple sub-array of a testable antenna for the U.S. Navy Replacement Program (ballistic missile defense). 11 Through the due diligence process, inspec- tion, analysis and discussions with the OCM, distributor and broker, it was found that enough evidence suggested action be taken internally through legal channels in reporting these SRAM components as suspect counterfeit parts. Once the U.S. Department of Justice was notified and action was taken, the broker was removed from the list of possible sources for electronic devices by at least one defense contractor. Ongoing vig- ilance would be the only means of protecting defense related assets from being polluted with potentially defective parts from the ever-pres- ent counterfeit market. SMT References 1. CFR Title 48 Chapter 2 Subchapter H Part 252 Subpart 252.2 Section 252.246-7007, Con- tractor Counterfeit Electronic Part Detection and Avoidance System (May 2014). 2. Sullivan, L. "HP cracks down on counter- feit PC parts in China," EE Times (2002). 3. Bastia, S. "Next generation technologies to combat counterfeiting of electronic compo- nents," IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, 25, 175-176 (2002). 4. Pecht, M., & Tiku, S. "Bogus: Electronic manufacturing and consumers confront a rising tide of counterfeit electronics," IEEE Spectrum, 43, 37-46 (2002). 5. Rogowski, R. UK Electronics Alliance, UKEA Position on Counterfeit Electronic Com- ponents, RR/V2/03.03.2008 (2008). Figure 8: Press release of U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against electronics distributor.

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