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10 The PCB Magazine • November 2017 Patricia Goldman is managing editor of The PCB Magazine. To contact Goldman, click here. HDI: BORN IN THE USA AND MAKING A COMEBACK umn the practical competencies needed by a PCB fabricator to be a successful manufacturer of HDI boards. Consultant Vern Solberg continues with a more design-focused view—or perhaps expla- nation—of the rather recent surge in HDI. He not only thoroughly explains the need for HDI based on the increased package density, but also discusses both imaging and via formation. This is a heavy-duty column for the PCB man - ufacturer, but definitely something you should read. As usual, we pulled together some experts who could intelligently explain some of this to us, as well as our readers. Our group consisted of Finisar's Steve Bird, APCT's Tony Torres, and several technologists from MC Assembly: Steve Jervey, Mike Smyth and Paul Petty. We learned a great deal about the latest technology, man- ufacturing challenges and strategies for design, fabrication and assembly—and you will too. OK, let's take a break and talk about something else. Elmatica's Andreas Lydersen makes the case for a common PCB language called CircuitData. This open source standard was conceived to help prevent insufficient and erroneous article specifi- cations that occur far too often between designer and manufacturer, often due to the many ways to describe even simple items like solder mask. This project sounds like a very good idea and one you should consider participating in. Next, Tara Dunn, Omni PCB, writes about FlexFactor, a NextFlex program to help grow the next generation of advanced manufacturing workforce. She starts by listing several interest- ing electronics-based products that have been conceived by high school students and goes on to describe the four-week program and some of its encouraging results. IPC's John Mitchell also writes along these lines, covering the nationally recognized Man- ufacturing Day, which occurs on the first Friday in October. This day gives manufacturing com- panies the opportunity to present their compa- ny to their communities by inviting business- people, students, teachers and other community members, into their companies. It serves as a per- fect venue to inform on career options in manu- facturing, including the electronics industry. OK, everyone. This issue is definitely re- quired reading, so get on it. You need this tech- nology and you need to read about it here. Next month we've got a hot one for you: an issue de- voted to thermal management. We want you to learn and thrive in our industry and we're do- ing our best to help you do that. If you haven't already put yourself on our waiting list, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and get a leg up on your competition. Move! PCB 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 What market trends are driving your HDI work? Q3: Overall Fine pitch High pin Signal Electrical Cost Other 79% 63% 40% 35% 21% 19% density count integrity engineering requirements PERCENTAGE OF RESPONDENTS Source: I-Connect007 Research

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