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14 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2018 ted over the airwaves using nanocrystal tech- nology (Figure 1). These things were, are, and will continue to be quite disruptive. Perhaps in the future air- wave power transmission might be the most disruptive but, in my opinion and in the opin- ion of many others, the most disruptive, the biggest social and economic change from tech- nology over the next ten years will come from autonomous transportation. Remember, dis- ruption is not always a bad thing, in fact it can be great. Think about the technology-induced positive changes over the last 50 years in med- icine, in transportation, in food production and on and on. Let me add a quote from our coverage of autonomous transportation from CES a few months ago. "An autonomous car (driverless car, self- driving car, robotic car) is a vehicle that is ca- pable of sensing its environment and navigat- ing without human input." [1] For now, the ini- tial forays into this area have required that there be a human driver present—but that is about to change. This is a topic we have been watching for the last five years with truly driv- erless vehicles becoming not only viable but now expected. "Are you looking forward to having a driv- erless car in the next five years or so? Perhaps use a driverless Uber or Lyft type of transpor- tation service? Will you use a delivery service that brings you groceries, delivers dry cleaning or pizza without a human driver? Or, do you hate the thought of the entire concept. Well, like it or not it is coming." [1] And, it is com- ing much faster than you would have imagined just a few years ago (Figure 2). Let's consider the change this will bring over the next 20 years. Remember, I live in Califor- nia, the state that believes it knows what is best for you more than you do. I fully expect Figure 1: Nanocrystal. Figure 2: Self-driving car concept.

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