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22 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2018 Feature by Dr. Christian Klein ROBERT BOSCH GMBH AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS, PCB TECHNOLOGY GROUP Introduction The Bosch Group is a leading global suppli- er of technology and services. They also devel- op and manufacture automotive electronic com- ponents and systems. In addition to the standard pr oduct testing, the PCB Technology team always qualifies new PCB technologies before going into product testing. In the past, we found failures in PCBs during these qualifications along with the potential for design and stackup improvements together with the supply chain. These findings were incorporated into our specification and brought to international standards committees. In the automotive electronics industry, a huge change in functional and environmen- tal requirements will be visible during the next few years. This is driven by three major trends: connected mobility, automated mobility, and the increasing electrified mobility. All three trends will increase the added value of electronics in the car. For PCBs, the applied technologies will change to deal with high cur- rents of several 100 A and information process- ing in a range of several GHz. From a function- al performance standpoint, this is far beyond the current PCBs in the cars and new concepts are needed. Figures 1 through 4 illustrate the three major trends of connected mobility, au- tomated mobility, and powertrain systems and electrified mobility. Connected mobility Automated mobility Powertrain systems and electrified mobility Figure 1: The three major trends for automotive electronics. (Source: Bosch)

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