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10 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2018 Patricia Goldman is managing editor of PCB007 Magazine. To contact Goldman, click here. to reach that autonomous car (and everything else) stage. For our experts' discussion, we went right to the front lines of our industry, so to speak, namely the materials and EDA tools guys. Rog- ers' John Hendricks and Altium's Ben Jordan joined us for a conversation on the effect 5G will have on designers and builders of PCBs. That's right, building boards is not going to get any easier. And, as we've said before, if you aren't doing HDI and RF now, you will be…or you simply may not be. In our next article, Ericsson's Stig Källman presents what he sees as the necessary tools for making the complex PCBs of the future. He lays out material needs, focusing on all parts of the laminate as well as design and most important - ly, understanding and specifying the material properties needed as opposed to a specific ma- terial itself. Happy Holden alerted me to a presentation that Prismark made at the recent CPCA show in Shanghai. Several slides dealt with 5G which is nicely summarized in the next short article. The images are complicated but intriguing and worth studying. We appreciate that Prismark gracious - ly gave us permission to use them as they help to get across the concept of 5G, plus there is also a nice summary of what PCB manufacturers can expect or need to be ready to accomplish. Many pieces need to come together for 5G and one of those is or will be more sophisticat- ed testing. This month, Gardien's Todd Kolmo- din discusses connecting all CAT and CAM with CAT and CAR. Read on to figure out those TLAs for your connected factory. As PCBs become more complex and the reli - ability requirements become more stringent, the need for precise and applicable industry speci- fications increases. Jan Pedersen, Elmatica, car- ries on the theme of testing, in this case dis- cussing surface contamination, moisture sensi- tivity, and the importance of clear communica- tions between designer and manufacturer. Switching gears slightly, veteran columnist Mike Carano, RBP Chemical Technology, con- tinues a discussion on surface preparation and cleaning that he began a few months ago. And Steve Williams, The Right Approach Consult- ing, brings to light the concept of "coopeti- tion." Not a misspelling but a word combo that should be very meaningful to our industry— and something I have seen happen many times over the years. In March, Happy Holden participated in a seminar sponsored by the CPCA and I-Con - nect007. Seven presentations on the subject of automation were all geared towards PCB man- ufacturing. He has summarized it for us, along with some of the slides for illustration. And last but not least, IPC's John Mitchell puts in a plug for the upcoming IMPACT Wash - ington, D.C. 2018, happening May 21−23. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you are a company executive you should be there to rep- resent your company and the industry. Last year was the best year ever, with speakers and numerous meetings with senators, congress- men and top-level government officials from departments that are important to your busi- ness. I expect nothing less this year and be- lieve me, there is never a better time than now to make your voice heard. Manufacturing is back in vogue and they are listening. As we seem to speed through 2018, I can't help wondering what 6G is going to look like! Next month, back to some nitty gritty when we explore a manufacturing area: wet process- ing. See you then! (P.S.—do I have to tell you to subscribe to our magazines and newsletters again?) PCB007 References 1. Skyworks' "5G in 5 Minutes" video. That's right, building boards is not going to get any easier.

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