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  • EPS, Bob Willis1:09

    EPS, Bob Willis

    To see this complete video visit: IPC's cleaning and contamination testing centre saw a lot of activity during the 2013 APEX EXPO. Pete Starkey gets an overview from organis

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  • Integrated Technology, Zeta, Ken Parent1:09

    Integrated Technology, Zeta, Ken Parent

    To see this complete video visit: Ken Parent, president of Integrated Technology, describes the company's Zeta material, which offers improved manufacturing and performance

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  • Mirtec's Newest 2D and 3D AOIs1:09

    Mirtec's Newest 2D and 3D AOIs

    To see this complete video visit: Brian D'Amico of Mirtec talks about their latest 2D and 3D AOIs, their enhanced capabilities, and their resolution/speed and accuracy. Thes

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  • Air-Vac, Brian Czaplicki1:09

    Air-Vac, Brian Czaplicki

    To see this complete video visit: Air-Vac Director of Marketing and Sales Brian Czaplicki describes their award-winning new rework machine that limits copper dissolution in

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  • Electra, Shaun Tibbals1:09

    Electra, Shaun Tibbals

    To see this complete video visit: It's an exciting time to be in the LDI space. Electra Sales Director Shaun Tibbals details the company's newest LDI soldermask products, as

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  • C.A. Picard, Dylan Rogan1:09

    C.A. Picard, Dylan Rogan

    To see this complete video visit: Dylan Rogan, tech services and sales specialist for C.A. Picard, speaks with Special Projects Editor Kelly Dack about the importance of the

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  • Blackfox, Sharon Montana-Beard1:09

    Blackfox, Sharon Montana-Beard

    To see this complete video visit: Sharon Montana-Beard has seen encouraging signs of growth in demand for the specialist training and certification services which Blackfox p

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  • Somacis, Giacomo Angeloni1:09

    Somacis, Giacomo Angeloni

    To see this complete video visit: Guest Editor Mark Thompson interviews R&D Manager Giacomo Angeloni of Somacis about who they are and what their company does. Somacis is an

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  • Universal Instruments, John Cooley1:09

    Universal Instruments, John Cooley

    To see this complete video visit: Universal's John Cooley tells Pete Starkey about the award-winning Fuzion pick-and-place system, of special appeal to assemblers in high-mi

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  • Mentor, Mark Laing1:09

    Mentor, Mark Laing

    To see this complete video visit: Mark Laing, product marketing manager for the Valor Division of Mentor Graphics, details some of the updated process preparation features i

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  • IPC, Fern Abrams1:09

    IPC, Fern Abrams

    To see this complete video visit: A discussion with Fern Abrams concerning conflict materials, environmental issues and export regulations.

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  • OEM Press Systems, Mary Quinlan1:09

    OEM Press Systems, Mary Quinlan

    To see this complete video visit: OEM Press Systems Sales Manager Mary Quinlan talks about the loss of company founder Jon Copp, his legacy and the company's plans for the f

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  • I-Connect007, Mark Thompson, Kelly Dack1:09

    I-Connect007, Mark Thompson, Kelly Dack

    To see this complete video visit: Editors Andy Shaughnessy, Kelly Dack and Mark Thompson provide a final wrap-up of IPC APEX EXPO 2013. Find out what piqued each editor's in

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  • Aculon, Eric Hanson1:09

    Aculon, Eric Hanson

    To see this complete video visit: Aculon Director of R&D Eric Hanson describes to Pete Starkey how self-assembled monolayer nanotechnology can improve performance of solder

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  • Custer Consulting, Walt Custer1:09

    Custer Consulting, Walt Custer

    To see this complete video visit: Walt Custer, market guru, updates us with his latest industry prognostications. Walt's very upbeat comments set the stage for a great coupl

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  • Techspray, Kevin Pawlowski1:09

    Techspray, Kevin Pawlowski

    To see this complete video visit: Kevin Pawlowski of Techspray describes recently released products and services for cleaning PCB assemblies in an environmentally friendly m

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  • Multiline Technology, Michael Angelo1:09

    Multiline Technology, Michael Angelo

    To see this complete video visit: Bob Neves speaks with President Michael Angelo of Multiline Technology about their products for lamination and post-etch punching. They al

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  • D.I.S, Inc., Anthony Faraci1:09

    D.I.S, Inc., Anthony Faraci

    To see this complete video visit: Editor Pete Starkey asks Tony Faraci to explain the principles, features and benefits of the D.I.S. pinless multilayer registration system.

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  • IRTS, David Wolf & Nick Meeker1:09

    IRTS, David Wolf & Nick Meeker

    To see this complete video visit: PCB manufacturers dial in their processes and materials to create robust, reliable via structures. But without accurate, reliable test met

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  • ODB++ Solutions Alliance, Julian Coates1:09

    ODB++ Solutions Alliance, Julian Coates

    To see this complete video visit: The ODB++ Solutions Alliance celebrated its first anniversary with a banquet at IPC APEX EXPO. Julian Coates, director of the ODB++ Solutio

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