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76 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2018 Interview By Happy Holden I-CONNECT007 Scott Schwarz, senior sales representative for rapid technology at Fisher Unitech, sat down with I-Connect007 Technical Editor Happy Holden at the recent Michigan SMTA Tech Forum to discuss advanced 3D printing applications. Happy Holden: Scott, please tell our readers something about your company. Scott Schwarz: I've worked with Fisher Unitech for 10 years and I started from the field service/ technician side and transitioned into sales. Fisher Unitech deals primarily with Stratasys 3D printing as well as Artec 3D scanning. We are also involved with 3D CAD on the SolidWorks side and Mastercam. We're a product-driven company and we are heavily involved in customer applications. My territory is primarily focused in the southeast Michigan area. My customers range from automotive suppliers to OEM groups. Holden: What are some of the highlights of your technical talk? Schwarz: What we talked about were some of the advanced applications that have made some of the biggest impacts in the automotive manufacturing arena. Applications such as injection molding to conceptual modeling, and as far as die cast components and structural mock-ups. We've done a lot of different applications with a lot of different industries, and we wanted to just bring that to the forefront and inform people of the magic going on behind the scenes. All of these advanced applications were designed by our customers, not by Fisher Unitech or Stratasys, we only aided in making the application successful. We've developed this with our strategic partners, and we've perfected all these applications over time. Holden: What interests do people have for the diversity of some of the projects you've seen? Schwarz: I primarily deal with a lot of automotive. The introduction of 3D scanning has also made it possible for us to penetrate into the medical market. 3D Printing: Enabling a New Manufacturing Landscape Source: CUDA 3D Printed Underwater Jetpack Source: Archie O'Brien

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