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40 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2018 EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference Day 1: The Past, the Present and the Future, Pt. 1 E Just like old times—meeting with John Ling, with whom I had previously travelled to indus- try events for over two decades, and who still carries the role of EIPC marketing manager, to fly together from Birmingham UK to Dussel- dorf in Germany for the EIPC 50th Anniversary Summer Conference. EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference Day 2: The Past, the Present and the Future, Pt. 1 E The sun was shining in Dusseldorf as dele- gates returned to the conference room for the second day of the EIPC 50th Anniversary Con- ference. There were very few empty chairs as Paul Waldner opened the proceedings with Ses- sion 5, on a theme of future PCB design, mate- rial, and processes for the PCB supply chain. Graphic Plc Continues to Prosper at 50 E Graphic Plc was formed on 21st June 1968 by Rex Rozario OBE. Rex worked with Dr Paul Eisler, the inventor of the Printed Circuit Board, at Technograph-Telegraph in the 1950s. In 1972 Rex moved the factory to Crediton and oper- ated from a number of buildings on the Lords Meadow Industrial Estate. The Right Approach: The Value of Coopetition E As our industry continues to evolve and shape-shift, PCB manufacturing continues to shrink through consolidations and attrition. In a global economy, partnering with world-class suppliers is mandatory, and excluding a sub- set of this dwindling supply base because they also happen to be in a crossover business will severely hinder this effort. Punching Out! Dealing with Family Businesses E Some families may have spent this past Father's Day discussing family business issues, including when, how or whether to pass the baton. There are several issues to consider when dealing with a family business. Flex Time: Why is Rigid-Flex So Expensive? E Why is rigid-flex so expensive? In this arti- cle I'll share with designers the cost drivers in rigid-flex relative to standard rigid boards and flex circuits with stiffeners. RMAs: Negative Experience or Valuable Opportunity? E Non-conforming material that is sent back by the customer can easily be interpreted as a negative experience. However, if it is perceived as an opportunity to learn and support the cus- tomer it becomes a much more pleasant and satisfying endeavor. It's Only Common Sense: Love What You Sell E Raise the perceived value so high that our customers will feel guilty even haggling about the price. To do this, you must love your prod- ucts—love them as much as my dad, the Coke man, loved his. PCB Material Toolbox for Today's 3G and 4G Networks and Future High-Speed Needs in 5G E The material toolbox idea first came up when I saw the IPC appendix list for standard one- ply stack-ups. The idea is to make a very sim- ple bill of materials, specifications and notes, and possibly use the same prepreg/resin in the laminate and in the core.

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