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AUGUST 2018 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 9 Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 18 years. He can be reached by clicking here. continues to shift, and packages are likely to keep getting smaller and denser as tech- nologies such as IoT and 5G take hold. For this issue of Design007 Magazine, we asked a variety of package experts to share their opinions about the component pack- age trends of today and tomorrow, as well as some of the drivers behind this evolu- tion. In our first feature interview, Chuck Bauer of TechLead Corporation explains some of the trends he's seeing in packages, such as fan-out wafer-level and 3D packag- ing, and the need for new packaging tech- nologies to be scalable and cost-effective. Next, Tom Hausherr provides one of the most exhaustive collections of standard PCB components that I've seen, complete with package size codes and dimensions. Bill Acito of Cadence Design Systems dis- cusses the many challenges faced by PCB designers and packaging designers, and he offers some new tips and tricks for dealing with ever-denser packages, not to mention time and budget constraints. And Christian Keller of Altium provides an overview of BGA fanout and escape routing, including techniques for using stacked and staggered microvias, blind vias, and via-in-pads. We have columns by our regular con- tributors, including Barry Olney of iCD, John Coonrod of Rogers Corporation, and Alistair Little of Electrolube. And we also have articles by Chang Fei Yee of Keysight Technologies and Yuriy Shlepnev of Sim- berian. It's hard to believe that the summer is drawing to a close, and show season is right around the corner. I hope to see you at PCB West in September. If you aren't already a subscriber, click here to be sure you don't miss any of our magazines and newsletters. See you next month! DESIGN007 Amkor SmartPackage Speeds Accurate Design and Verification Amkor Technology, Inc. announced it has partnered with Mentor to release Amkor's SmartPackage™ package assem- bly design kit (PADK), the first in the industry to support Mentor's high-density advanced packaging (HDAP) design process and tools. Amkor's award-winning high-density fan out (HDFO) process can now be used in conjunction with Mentor's software to deliver early, rapid and accurate verifi- cation results of advanced packages required for Internet- of-Things, automotive, high-speed communications, com- puting and artificial intelligence applications. "Amkor leads the way in HDFO technology for OSAT com- panies, and with the rise of complex ICs with multi-die pack- ages, we prioritized the creation of Mentor-based PADKs t o significantly reduce cycle time," said Ron Huemoeller, corporate vice president, Research & Development, Amkor Technology. "Since the Mentor flow includes Calibre, the golden sign-off tool for the fabless ecosystem, our custom - ers can easily close any physical verification issued for their entire solution." AJ Incorvaia, vice president and gen- eral manager of Mentor's BSD division continues, "By pro- viding a fully validated PADK for Amkor's HDFO process for Ment or's proven HDAP tool flow, customers can more easily transition from classic chip design to 2.5 and 3D solutions." The complex and compact design of devices for today's smart applications is driving the need for sophisticated packaging techniques such as heterogeneous integra - tion and Advanced System-in-Package. These solutions combine one or more ICs of different functionality with increased I/O and circuit density in 2.5D (side-by-side) and 3D constructions. The graphic environment features robust data and is straightforward to use before and during the implementation of physical design, resulting in faster sign- off and fewer verification cycles. Source:

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