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OCTOBER 2018 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 115 5 Solder Mask: You've Come a Long Way, Baby! E I-Connect007's editing team met with Electra Polymers' Shaun Tibbals and Antony Earl to discuss what's new with solder mask, includ- ing direct imaging and ink- jet printing of solder mask, and what PCB manufactur- ers and OEMs need to know. 6 Circuit Automation on the Ever-Evolving World of Solder Mask E In a recent conference call, the I-Connect007 editorial team was joined by Circuit Automation's Yuki Kojima, VP of engineering; Larry Lindland, sales and appli- cations manager; and Tom Meeker, CEO, for a lively dis- cussion about solder mask. Spoiler: it's not all about the equipment. 7 Thermal Capabilities of Solder Masks: How High Can We Go? E This article focuses on three different coating material groups that were formulated to oper- ate under high thermal stress and are applied at the printed circuit board manufacturing lev- el. While used for principally different appli- cations, these coatings have in common that they can be key to a successful thermal man- agement concept especially in e-mobility and lighting applications. 8 Building a Better Board: It Always Comes Back to Communication E For our experts meeting on August's theme of reliabili- ty, we reached out to Mark Osborn, president and CEO of Colonial Circuits, Kev- in Knapp, quality manag- er, and Rodney Krick, man- ufacturing manager, and asked them to participate in a conference call with our I-Connect07 editorial team. 9 Autocatalytic Gold: How it Fits as a Final Finish E For process sequences or more information regarding semi- autocatalytic gold baths or the latest in the development of a fully autocatalytic gold bath that can eliminate corrosion at thickness of >100 nm, please contact the author. J The IPC High-Reliability Forum for Mil-Aero and Automotive Sectors E I-Connect007's Happy Hold- en had the pleasure of at- tendng the IPC's High Reli- ability Forum (HRF) in Bal- timore in May. As the IPC scripted it, it was a "Tech- nical Conference with a Focus on Electronics Subjected to Harsh-Use Environments." For the Latest PCB News and Information, Visit: PCB007.com

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