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28 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 with advanced automated equipment, includ- ing processes, software, and equipment for: • No-touch automation and material handling • HDI with sequential lamination • Laser drilling with the latest generation UV/CO 2 laser • SLP geometries with light-emitting diode (LED) digital micro-mirror device (DMD) direct exposure • Precise etching control with continuous regeneration and copper recovery • Material handling for panels from 0.025 mm to 6 mm or more • Innovative software for automated optical inspection (AOI) and cameras to improve registration for imaging, lamination, and drilling • Plating capability to fill blind vias and through-holes The GreenSource facility does not require waste permits because there are no water emis- sions. All water is recycled, as are many of the chemicals, which reduces costs. The complete- ly automated process requires only seven tech- nicians to monitor the machinery and a total of 17 for the entire multilayer facility. The bulk of the chemical PCB processing is conducted in one long U-shaped automated line. Automation and Material Handling Automating the Lean manufacturing and computer-aided design (CAD) and computer- aided manufacturing (CAM) systems have cut the processing time for multilayers down to just two days compared to the typical three or four weeks. This also offers the flexibility to do prototype runs mixed alongside high-volume production runs even when the product mix may include multilayer, two-sided, and metal- backed thermal boards. Different final finishes do not affect throughput or turnaround time. The CAD/CAM automation utilizes direct imaging in several innovative processes, such as inkjet printing of pattern-plating resist and etch resist, as well as inkjet printing of solder Figure 1: Custom-built Schmoll Maschinen Laser Master is outfitted with dual robotic arms that automatically flip panels over.

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