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68 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 of school back in 1996. The idea was to follow up on the business area related to the equip- ment side for the PCB market. In 1999 or 2000, I first had the idea of applying induction into the PCB manufacturing process. That's a lot of what today's technology is at InduBond— induction bonding of the inner layers togeth- er. With this new technology, the industry can move away from the older technology and lam- ination process. Induction has many advantages. We not only developed the equipment and technology, but we also developed the process, which was new to the PCB industry. Today, we have around six or seven different patents for this technology. Once we introduced this technology, the market took three to six years to accept it and to see the benefits compared to the previous well-matured technology in use today, which is hard tooling registration and then lami- nation with that hard tooling. Together, it is called pin registration and pin lamination. We also introduced the InduBond brand in 2000 to identify our process technology. Then, we con- tinued the development. We did the very first, genuine induction bonding machine. Ten years later, around 2010, we started to go directly to the market. Today, we have a product line that comes from a basic unit to a sophisticated, Víctor Lázaro, Indubond Feature interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team In a conference call with the I-Connect007 staff and Víctor Lázaro, chief technical director (CTO) at InduBond, we discussed InduBond's innovative lamination technology current- ly being installed at GreenSource Fabrication. Though not yet delivered at the time of our vis- it, we contented ourselves with a long-distance discussion and photos of the equipment. Patty Goldman: Victor, can you remind our readers about InduBond's history? It's been some time since we last caught up. Víctor Lázaro: InduBond is the brand name of the company named Chemplate Materials, lo- cated just north of Barcelona, Spain. The com- pany was born 30 years ago as a shop in the local PCB market for different parts like con- sumables on the chemistry side. At that time, Chemplate was also representing several equip- ment brands for the PCB industry. There were other businesses in the same company for gen- eral chemical plating for other industrial fields, such as plating on plastics and the aluminum markets for different kinds of processes. Back then, the company was very small and owned by five families. The founders are now retired, but some of their sons continue to be involved at the company. I was hired right out

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