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88 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 Feature interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team As the I-Connect007 team prepared for a tour of the GreenSource Fabrication facility, Pub- lisher Barry Matties and Editors Patty Goldman and Happy Holden spoke with Jochen Zeller, VP and co-founder of AWP Group, about the status of AWP's specialized equipment and flexible capabilities at GreenSource. Patty Goldman: Jochen, please begin by tell- ing our readers a bit about yourself and AWP Group. Jochen Zeller: I spent 10 years in PCB manu- facturing and then switched to the supplier side, so I have over 25 years of experience in the industry. AWP Group was formed a cou- ple of years ago by several people from vari- ous well-known equipment companies in the PCB industry so we can proudly look at a com- bined know-how of over 150 years. Our engi- neering and sales headquarters is in Germany for all equipment and our main production site is located in Poland where we manufacture all kinds of handling and wet process equipment. For the support of the Asian market we also have a sales and service office in Suzhou, Chi- na as well as in Hong Kong. Our main focus is handling equipment for any process step in the PCB production and the industry 4.0 integra- tion of handling equipment with any process equipment. We also supply horizontal wet pro- cessing equipment for all various processes in the PCB industry. Barry Matties: What is the status of things for AWP at GreenSource? Zeller: The status on GreenSource right now is that we have three of the wet process lines already installed. The DES line is filled with chemistry and is up and running. The next two lines—pre-clean and copper reduction— are ready to be filled with chemistry. Next, we have two more lines coming in—an OSP line and the solder mask developer. Many pieces AWP Group: Small Company, Big Solutions Figure 1: GreenSource Fabrication's automated wet etch uses AWP etching and material handling equipment.

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