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90 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 of the handling equipment are also installed and up and running. There is still more han- dling equipment in manufacturing stage or on the way and will be installed over the coming weeks and months. From the beginning of this project, we fo- cused on having redundancy in the equipment and used standardization as much as possible. This now comes in handy because, as you can imagine, it is a large project to integrate chang- es along the way. We have a lot of flexibili- ty to move equipment around in the set-up. If GreenSource is testing for another location, we can put them somewhere else in a temporary set-up and move them to the final location lat- er. This provides GreenSource the flexibility to help them shuffle equipment around if things change along the way during the process. Goldman: Once finalized, how many pieces of AWP equipment will be at GreenSource? Zeller: In total we will have around 100 pieces of equipment installed at GreenSource when this stage of the project is complete. Goldman: That's a lot! Zeller: Yes, this is our biggest installation around the world and a great showroom to show our capabilities. For a company AWP's size, this wasn't an easy task. The major keys to success were the high level of equipment standardization that we implemented early on, along with a combined effort from every- body at AWP. Even equipment that was spe- cially designed for certain functions, still uses components and subgroups from the standard machines where ever possible. This is a huge advantage for maintenance because the spare parts are all the same. The other advantage is that the basic operation of the machines is sim- ilar for the operator, so they don't have to con- stantly learn new things. Early on, Alex told us, "I know I'm trying to feed an elephant to a chicken, but we will get this done in a com- bined effort." That's how this project started and moved on to success. Matties: We talked with some of the AOI em- ployees and they said they were waiting for AWP equipment to be installed. How far along are you in the install process? Zeller: At the beginning of the project we estab- lished priorities with GreenSource to have the equipment that needs a longer qualification stage in place first. We are working the priori- Figure 2: AWP's wet etch line installed at GreenSource Fabrication. Figure 3: A line of AWP equipment installed at GreenSource Fabrication.

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