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100 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 Feature interview by Patty Goldman I-CONNECT007 I caught up with Mark Chassé, one of the engineers, in GreenSource's analytical lab for a brief chat. Patty Goldman: Mark, tell me more about your "trust with verification" program on incoming materials and chemicals. Let's begin there. Mark Chassé: We haven't gotten into inspection of incoming materials, but we have certified chemistries that have come in from our suppli- ers. And the trust factor is very high, which is important. Periodically, we'll make up a bath right here in the lab and then we'll test it, and that gives us an idea as to where things are. It's basically a spot check. We haven't had an incident of a recall that I remember, so it's a unique situation that we have. The suppliers that we work with are high-grade. Goldman: That's good. How about materials like laminate and things like that? Chassé: I don't get engaged with that. I'm deal- ing with the wet process and chemical usage, in particular with surface cleaning and metal- ization. Right now, I'm focusing on the electro- less copper process. Goldman: And what's happening with that? Just fine-tuning? Chassé: We're learning about these machines, so we're putting the machines through their paces; in fact, we had our highest throughput to date yesterday. So we're very excited about that. The process is putting down a pristine deposit that I haven't seen before. It's a new chemistry. We're running a beta site test with Atotech and it's proving to be a very good ma- terial. It's going down significantly faster than anything that I've worked with. Goldman: And a nice deposit in the end? Chassé: Yes. Because we're restricted in space, everything must happen in that six-meter space, and the process is doing it beautifully.

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