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40 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 EPTE Newsletter: New Materials for Wearable Electronics E Technology continues to evolve, and wear- able electronics are the focal point for many new concepts. The next generation of wearable products for the consumer electronics indus- try will create a new market with nothing but upside for manufacturers and suppliers. Flex Talk: Mina—RFID, LED and What Else? E "The science of today is the technology of tomorrow." This Edward Teller quote is an apt description of the Mina product. This advanced surface treatment recently developed to enable low-temperature soldering to aluminum in the RFID market is finding success in that market and quickly finding a home in other markets— including the LED market—where the incentive is both cost and improved LED performance. PCB Designers: Perfect Your Data Package with New eBook from Prototron E For PCB designers, producing a comprehen- sive data package is crucial. If even one impor- tant file is missing or output incorrectly, it can cause major delays and potentially ruin the experience for every stakeholder. Learn how to perfect your data package with I-Connect007's most recent title: The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to… Producing the Perfect Data Package. Rogers to Highlight Latest Circuit Materials and Share Expertise at EDI CON USA 2018 E Rogers Corporation will share its experience and expertise on circuit materials technologies at the 2018 Electronic Design Innovation Con- ference (EDI CON USA 2018) October 17–18, in the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, California). EDI CON USA 2018 is enter- ing its third year of serving the high-frequency RF/microwave design engineering community. Standard of Excellence: Working for the Future—Partnering with PCB Vendors on Innovative Technology E The true test of the vendor-customer rela- tionship comes when you need innovative PCBs—boards that are not easily found in the common marketplace and are so technologi- cally advanced that they require your design- ers and suppliers to work together to go where neither has before. Alun Morgan Named Technology Ambassador for Ventec E Ventec International Group Co., Ltd., announced that Alun Morgan, chairman of the EIPC, has been named technology ambas- sador for Ventec International Group. American Standard Circuits Launches Fusion Bonding for RF Boards E American Standard Circuits is now offering fusion bonding of PTFE-based materials. Fusion bonding of PTFE-based materials involves using high temperatures (≥700°F/371°C) to bond PTFE directly to the copper circuitry and surrounding PTFE. Building a Better Board: It Always Comes Back to Communication E For our experts meeting on the August's theme of reliability, we reached out to Colo- nial Circuits and asked them to participate in a conference call with our I-Connect007 edi- torial team consisting of Dan Feinberg, Andy Shaughnessy, Patty Goldman, and Happy Holden. Joining the call from Colonial Circuits was Mark Osborn, president and CEO, Kevin Knapp, quality manager, and Rodney Krick, manufacturing manager.

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