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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 Article by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 The IPC Designers Council is launching a new column in Design007 Magazine: "The Dig- ital Layout." I recently asked two IPC Design- ers Council (DC) Executive Board members, Mike Creeden and Steph Chavez, to discuss the content and objective of their new column, and how this all ties in with the DC. Andy Shaughnessy: Mike, what can we expect in this new Designers Council column? Mike Creeden: I'll give an overview of PCB design layout and some of the transitions that we're experiencing. Our new column is called "The Digital Layout." The design profession has evolved over the years, and to meet today's challenges, all designers need to view layout from three concurrent perspectives. The first is layout solvability, which entails mastering the CAD tool and solving the layout. With today's technologies, using HDI is becoming com- monplace and is often a complicated puzzle to solve. Second, there's the performance of the circuit; EMI, signal integrity, power integrity, and thermal performance must be considered. Third, designers should use DFX in all areas of manufacturing. In our industry, there are a significant num- ber of EEs being asked to take on the layout portion. Many EEs and designers, especially those who work remotely, may not be aware of the IPC Designers Council and what it can do for them. Our hope is to make people aware of the resources and events that the IPC Designers Council provides. IPC is not a "them"; it's an "us." IPC is a reflection of the industry. When I volunteer on the committee meetings, I see participants from across the industry, the coun- try, and the world who are all contributing to the standards. Shaughnessy: Standards are always a good topic. Pro or con, it's a great conversation. Creeden: Sure. I've heard a lot of people say recently, "Why do we need standards? Just New Designers Council Column: The Digital Layout

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