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68 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 Feature interview by Stephen Las Marias I-CONNECT007 Zulki Khan, founder and CEO of NexLogic Technologies, discusses challenges, technol- ogy trends, and developments in the medical electronics industry from PCB design to fabri- cation and assembly. He also highlights key considerations when finding a manufacturing partner for your medical electronics products. Stephen Las Marias: Zulki, tell us more about NexLogic and your role in the company. Zulki Khan: I started NexLogic in 1995, so this has been a 23-year journey for us. We offer full turn-key solutions from PCB design to layout, fabrication, assembly, and box-build testing— the whole nine yards. For the last three years, we have also been doing product design where if somebody has an idea, we can devise the scope of work that they want the product to be doing, and then design the hardware, which is one more step vertically other than PCB. We design the hardware, firmware, and software— we can basically create the whole device. When it comes to layout, we have three different tools. We have Cadence Allegro, PADS, which is now a Siemens product, and Altium. We have multiple designers with CAD qualification and EEs who do the layout. For fabrication, we have a team of different fabri- cators either within the U.S. or overseas. That's not something we do in-house, but we have a network of many companies that will do the fabrication for us. In terms of assembly, we do that in-house. We either buy the components for full turn- key assemblies, or the customers consign the components to us, and we do the labor portion of the assembly with the components and boards provided by the customers. In some cases, we do hybrid assemblies where we buy some components, and the customers will provide others. We've been manufacturing medical devices for a very long time—close to 20 years. We have ISO-13485 certification, which is what

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