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82 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 Article by Jens Kokott and Matthias Müller GOEPEL ELECTRONIC GMBH For many manufacturing service providers, this is a daily challenge: Once again, the new job is a series of 50 pieces. Important staff are on vacation, and component delivery times make your hair stand on end. The customer is determined to have AOI, but the layout of the assembly is highly customized, making it virtually impossible to use complete library entries. The customer is also demanding deliv- ery at short notice. In situations like these, an AOI program that is available quickly can make a crucial differ- ence in significantly reducing the time from the start of production to delivery. SK-Tronic: Flexible Manufacturing for a High Level of Diversity SK-Tronic is an example of a medium-sized traditional EMS provider; its portfolio covers everything from PCB assembly of prototypes to producing complex equipment systems. The company handles conventional small batches as well as larger production runs. SK-Tronic provides its customers with advice and support with developing the layout and procuring materials. Surface-mount assembly is carried out using a total of three Mycronic systems to guarantee highly flexible production without any downtime. Quality assurance is performed on the assemblies produced using Goepel elec- tronic's 3D AOI system—Vario Line 3D—which is fed by all three pick-and-place systems. As is typical for EMS providers, SK-Tronic is also confronted with a wide range of products. There is always a high degree of time pres- sure, and customers demand an AOI inspec- tion of all components as the standard. In situ- Figure 1: Production runs of 10–1,000 assemblies are everyday life for an EMS provider.

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