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84 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 ations like these, creating AOI programs can result in a bottleneck situation that can slow the production rate—unless you have a tool that takes care of the difficult task of creating a test program itself as if by magic. The Old Way The traditional way of creating a test program starts with importing data. The next step of assigning item numbers to existing library entries is the most laborious because each item code number has to be assigned manually. The final adjustment of the test parameters is also carried out manually. The complexity of the programming depends on the characteristics of the assembly. "In the past, some test programs would take a day to create, and then there was a manual inspection on top of that," explains Oliver Barth, production manager at SK-Tronic. That's why AOI was only scheduled for batch sizes of 100–200 pieces, as a manual visual inspection under the dynascope was more time-efficient than creating an AOI test program. As if by Magic To make it even more economical to use AOI systems, Goepel electronic has developed the MagicClick tool for the PILOT AOI system soft- ware. This enables test programs using 3D AOI to be created and optimized automatically. And the really special thing? A production-grade test program can be created in just a few minutes— complete with a component library—without any library entries whatsoever. The parame- ters are also adjusted completely automatically and even consider process variations. At most, only small manual adjustments are necessary afterwards. MagicClick aims to enable efficient use of AOI, right from the second assembly. This is possible when used in combination with the AOI system Vario Line·3D. What sets Figure 2: Surface-mount assembly at SK-Tronic. Figure 3: Quality assurance on all assemblies using 3D AOI.

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