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90 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 1 How to Measure Manufacturing Employee Engagement E Disgruntled employees have the ability to sap the lifeblood from your organization. And in some cases, one or two negative views can spread quickly throughout a business like an uncontrollable virus. While it is important to deal with issues the moment they arise, it is also vital to have a system in place to measure views and opinions on a regular basis and with a long-term view. 2 Electronic Components Market Update E Unfortunately, there is still no end in sight to the electronic component shortage, and some lead-times are being quoted with 2019 and even 2020 delivery dates! So if you are working with an EMS provider, it remains vital that you communicate and share forecast information with them. You may also want to start looking at the option of fitting, or designing in, smaller components to your PCB assemblies. 3 Indium on Voiding and Auto Electronics Test Standard E In this interview with I-Connect007, Indium Corp- oration Technical Manager Jonas Sjoberg discusses void- ing and other key challenges in soldering, as well as an automotive electronics test- ing standard based out of South Korea that is seeing increased utilization all over Asia. He also talks about the increasing trend in manu- facturers moving to Type 5 and Type 6 solder powders, and how this is causing its own set of challenges in printing. 4 IPC's John Mitchell Comments on New NAFTA Deal E IPC's John Mitchell extends his congratula- tions and appreciation to the governments of the U.S., Mexico and Canada for their many months of tireless negotiations on a new trilat- eral trade agreement. Recent Highlights from Jonas Sjoberg

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