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32 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 EPTE Newsletter: Taiwan Electronics are Heating Up (Figuratively) E Dominique Numakura considers electronics manufacturing in Taiwan to be the barometer for the global consumer electronics industry. Market trends can be predicted by analyzing shipping data from Taiwanese circuit board manufacturers. Annual volume increases every year, despite slow monthly cycles. Aspocomp Raises Outlook for Net Sales and Operating Result in 2018 E Aspocomp Group Plc upgrades its outlook for full-year 2018 net sales and operating result. In 2018, net sales are expected to grow approx- imately 15% compared with 2017 and the operating result to be approximately EUR 2 mil- lion. In 2017, net sales amounted to EUR 23.9 million and the operating result to EUR 0.8 million. Ventec at electronica 2018: No Compromises for High-Frequency Materials E Ventec International Group will announce the launch of its extended ceramic-filled hydro- carbon thermoset material series designed for the world's most demanding high-frequency printed circuit board applications at this year's electronica show in Munich. I-Connect007 Publishes Automation eBook by Happy Holden E I-Connect007 is excited to announce the release of the latest title in our eBook library: Automa- tion and Advanced Procedures in PCB Fabrication. The Changing Shape of the HDI Market E With more mobile device designers looking to utilize the benefits of FOWLP and other direct attach package types, a new generation of HDI PCBs is already in the market. Targeting less than 30 mm features and based on mSAP tech- niques, these substrate-like PCBs make use of the latest high-end manufacturing processes and materials, to enable the next evolution in advanced HDI boards. It's Only Common Sense: What the Heck is an SEO? E Have you ever wondered what it takes to get to the top of a Google page? Why do some companies always seem to have all the busi- ness they need even without any outside salespeople? It seems to be some kind of black magic. How do they do it? Read on. IPC President Commends White House for Assessment of US Defense Industrial Base E On behalf of the electronics industry, I com- mend the White House for the release today of a sweeping and detailed assessment of the nation's defense industrial base. The report reflects more than a year of painstaking data collection, sector by sector analysis, and indus- try engagement. FPCB Market to Display Significant Growth by 2027 E The demand for flexible printed circuit boards by manufacturers of smartphones, other mobile devices, LCD display, connectivity antennas, and rechargeable batteries, is currently on the rise. With exploding consumer electronics sector, soaring popularity of IoT, and growing applications in the automotive sector are iden- tified to be the key factors that are likely to hold a positive impact on the sales of FPCBs in near future.

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